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Send an email to our sales representatives:

Yolanda Norman:                          Sonia Estrada: 

in Creel (635) 456-0036                                                  In the US (470) 685-1261; in Mexico (614) 427-3097

Martin Alcaraz:
Martin had lived in Batopilas all of his life, if anybody knows about the area and its people, is him, 20 years of experience in the hospitality business will make the difference.

Rates (effective January 31, 2015 – rates in USD)

RIVERSIDE LODGE (rates at Riverside Lodge include a continental breakfast):

  • Single or Double- $190.00 plus tax
  • We can also arrange private transportation from Chihuahua City Airport or from Creel.



Sunrise in Copper Canyon, Mexico – Photo by Janine Durieux


NEW—Copper Canyon 7 or 9 Day Package  operated by Turismo Almar.

Need more information? email:; or call Patricia Cordova 011 52(614)410-9232