Do your homework. Check out these titles—then pack and go!

Gov. Alexander Robey Shepherd

The Silver Magnet—by Grant Shepherd
Canyons of the Southwest—A Tour of the Great Canyon Country from Colorado to Northern Mexico—by John Annerino
History of the Copper Canyon & Tarahumara Indians—by Richard Fisher
Copper Canyon & Sierra Tarahumara—The Peoples Guide to Mexico—by Carl Franz
Mexico’s Copper Canyon Country—a hiking & backpacking guide—by John Fayhee
Tarahumara: Where Night is the Day of the Moon—by Bernard L. Fontana, John P. Schaefer
Unknown Mexico—by Carl Lumholtz
Northern Mexico—by Joe Cummings, A Moon Handbook
Biography of Alexander Robey Shepherd—by John P. Richardson – out soon. Check out Richardson’s information and photos here.




“I was parched. A tattered tin sign over a screen door! “The Quinto Patio” looked interesting. Checked my pockets for pesos and casually walked in, not wishing to attract attention. Cowboys were seated at the largest table. Real cowboys, rough looking, guns tucked in their jeans, big white hats tilted back. They turned to watch me, curious, suspicious, maybe. I seated myself in the metal Coke chair. Coke plastered everywhere—on the chairs, on the tables, tall coolers filled with Coke. Una Coke, por favor.”